Our Mission Statement

12 Kitchen Elves’ Mission statement:

In our kitchen, we believe in magic we create with our own hands! Just like magical creatures (Elves), our kids will work together building new experience, gaining valuable skills, obtaining useful knowledge and learning to apply it in everyday life. 

Our classes are designed with the idea to provide our students with independent cooking projects, as well as introducing them to the importance of team work. 

As a part of our hands-on approach, Elves will be taking care of our herb and vegetable garden (seasonal), while learning life cycle of plant from seed to complete meal! We strive to make children mindful and respectful of plants they grow, food they cook and meals they eat!

Our program pays close attention to cooking techniques, as well as introducing children to basic knowledge of food groups, nutrition facts and teaching them to make educated dietary choices. All our recipes are built with health aspect in mind!

Let us lead your kids toward interdependent culinary experience!