8/12 - 8/15 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Culinary Secrets

August 12 - 15 [4 day camp], 9:00 am - noon
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Culinary Secrets.

Attention Wizards, fairies, and all magical creatures! You are invited to one of our new camps "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Culinary magic”! Get ready - this camp will turn you into a true Kitchen Wizard! 
Students will enjoy creating a Wizardly-themed menu while practicing their culinary skills!

Each day will be a little different but very magical;) Our young chefs will be making our own Polyjuice Potion Smoothie and brew a Butter beer, we will craft Hogwarts Express' special (Cheese and potato pasties) and more. Harry Potter Cauldron Cakes and brooms are sure to cast spells over your dinner table. Little wizards will be making edible magic wands and assembling and decorating Golden snitches! Make sure to catch them before they fly away!
Every day we will have a fan games, riddles or kitchen science experiments related to the Hogwarts magic history!
See you in our kitchen!


This class is nut free. 


Attention Kitchen Elves:

  • Please arrive 10 min prior to the start of the class 
  • All participants required to wear aprons and chef’s hat during the class (provided by us)
  • Chefs with long hair (both male and female) need to wear hair pulled back
  • Comfortable/closed toed shoes are mandatory; no flip-flops
  • Water/Fruit infused water will be provided.
  • No drinks or snacks necessary for half day camps. Elves will eat lunch at the end of the session (based on description of the class).
  • Participants can bring their own snack if desired.
  • This is a drop-off class. 
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