2/11 - Little Cupid workshop

February 11, 5:00 - 7:30 pm
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Little Cupid workshop

Welcome to our Valentine's day special!

Our kitchen ELVES will participate in a hands-on culinary class and explore their creativity while mastering their decorating skills. Students will make Valentine day inspired cupcakes, Cupid crunch popcorn and marshmallow wand! We will make plenty of colorful treats to enjoy at the class as well as to share with friends and family!

No previous culinary experience is required!

Suggest age group for this class is 5+

To comply with social distancing requirements, our classes are currently limited to smaller number of participants (siblings from the same household can still sit together). All participants must wear masks or facial covering to enter the studio. Masks can be removed when seated at your workstation. 

​​Attention elves:

  • All participants are required to wear aprons and chef’s hat during the class(provided by us)
  • Class is limited to 12 students
  • ​Chefs with long hair (both male and female) need to wear hair pulled back
  • Comfortable/closed toed shoes are mandatory; no flip-flops
  • Water/Fruit infused water will be provided.