Summer Camps

Culinary Camps are series of interactive, hands-on workshops organized by themes, food categories and age groups. Main agenda of these camps is to empower kids with new knowledge and skills through comprehensive training in fun and entertaining way! Culinary camps will allow your children to be submerged in different cultures and history through creative  cooking experience. 

At the beginning of each day of camp, students will be introduced to kitchen safety and informed/reminded of our policies of polite, friendly and respectful behavior. Each camp is a 3 hour long class with printed recipes, detailed instructions, guidance from an instructor and of course plenty of time for students' creativity. 

At the end of each class, we will have plenty of time to review what students have learned, how they are planning to apply their skills at home and, of course, student will endulge in their culinary masterpieces. Clean up at the end of each class is a part of our curriculum!

Let's start cooking!

8/7 - 8/10 - Cucina Italiana

August 7 - 10 [4 day camp], 9:00 am - noon

8/14 - 8/17 - Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

August 14 - 17 [4 day camp], 9:00 am - noon